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The Mighty Fall - Iron Council Hard Mode
July 10, 2009

Loots and Winners:
Cynics - Archivum Data Disc
Atouk - Drape of the Lithe
Leota - Shoulderpads of the Intruder
Chalmecatl - Rune Edge
Salan - Raiments of the Iron Council
Posted on 19 Jul 2009 by Cynics
Yogg Down!

Loots and Winners:
Jaspwns - Conqueror's Kirin Tor Shoulderpads
Zanon - Conqueror's Scourgestalker Spaulders
Villie - Fragment of Val'anyr
Corruptedpig - Earthshaper
Posted on 12 Jun 2009 by Cynics
Mimiron has been pacified
After a few different strategies we found one that worked for us and got this hunk of junk down. Nice Job

Loots and Winners:
Cynics - Conqueror's Deathbringer Gloves
Terb - Conqueror's Worldbreaker Handguards
Posted on 12 May 2009 by Cynics
Malygos down...
Well, there haven't really been anything news worthy since the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Everything is so much easier now it wasn't worth posting up 3-4 screen shots a night so we just left it all alone. I guess Malygos is somewhat worthy of an update, since he is the last in the chain of the current content. We've been taking our time and only finally went to the Eye of Eternity last night. All it took was a night of attempts before the last boss encounter of the current content is defeated. This is a far cry from taking a few weeks to down most of the SWP bosses. So, with that being said, let's hope for more challenging contents with patch 3.1!

Loots and Winners:
Kandan - Boots of the Renewed Flight
Miseria - Hood of Rationality
Miseria - Leash of Heedless Magic
Cygmus - Spaulders of Catatonia
Posted on 08 Dec 2008 by Ryakin
Kil'Jaeden Down!!
Yup yup. You read it right. In a coordinated effort by the guild, we pushed for KJ after M'uru was one shotted. Took us a bit to learn the mechanic of the fight but once we mastered it, the Deceiver fell as well. Amazing job everyone!! All content cleared for the time being wink.

Loots and Winners:
Aphasia - Helm of Burning Righteousness
Shevila - Hand of the Deceiver
Swooability - Dark Conjuror's Collar
Thallo - Crown of Anasterian
Posted on 16 Oct 2008 by Ryakin
M'uru the new SWP Trash mob...
We got Entropius down to 13% before patch 3.0.2 hit but wasn't able to finished the job. Tonight, we walked in and 1 shotted him. We would have love to have killed him before the patch but we'll take the kill. Good job everyone.

Loots and Winners:
Kandan - Blackened Naaru Sliver
Shevila - Muramasa
Delor - Robes of Faltered Light
Kandan - Sin'dorei Band of Triumph
Posted on 16 Oct 2008 by Ryakin
Twins down!
The Twins went down, splattering loots everywhere! I hear M'uru, the hardest boss in the game at the moment, is next. We'll see how that turns out!

Loots and Winners:
Swooability - Amulet of Unfettered Magics
Delor - Shawl of Wonderment
Jinno - Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror
Kandan - Mantle of the Golden Forest
Lifeskiss - Book of Highborne Hymns
Posted on 01 Sep 2008 by Ryakin
Felmyst failed against us
She tried so hard to sway us to her side but we resisted and beat her instead. Pretty fun fight overall but like many other fights, 1 mistake will wipe you!

Loots and Winners:
Opz - Boots of the Forgotten Vanquisher
Urahord - Boots of the Forgotten Vanquisher
Jinno - Boots of the Forgotten Conqueror
Lilbuddy - Leggings of the Immortal Night
Posted on 14 Aug 2008 by Ryakin
Brutallus brutally beaten by Rebourne
With momentum on our side, we pushed for the second boss of SWP to die and succeeded. Not to say that Brutallus was an easy fight, we just stepped it up a level.

Loots and Winners:
Mohan - Belt of the Forgotten Protector
Lifeskiss - Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror
Thallo - Belt of the Forgotten Protector
Thareverend - Heart of the Pit
Posted on 24 Jul 2008 by Ryakin
And Kalecgos...
Wow, it has taken us one and a half months to finally down the first boss of SWP since our kill of Illidan. We started raiding SWP on 4/26/08. That should give you an indication of how tough SWP is compared to MH and BT, where guilds were killing a new boss every one or two weeks tongue. I'm glad we finally pulled it off. I'm proud of all of you for the effort you put in to get this boss down. Great job folks!

Again with the 3x's a conspiracy!!

Loots and Winners:
Higra - Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror
Amazing - Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror
Harrisons - Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror
Sevomira - Pantaloons of Calming Strife
Posted on 10 Jun 2008 by Ryakin

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