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Azgalore couldn't stop us!
He tried but failed. So now the way to Archimonde is clear wassat

Loots and Winners:
Molochai - Gloves of the Forgotten Vanquisher
Harrisons - Gloves of the Forgotten Conqueror
Lokthra - Shady Dealer's Pantaloons
Posted on 12 Jan 2008 by Ryakin
Kaz'rogal comes to the rescue
Or so he thought but he too was defeated with ease.

Loots and Winners:
Zabachah- Valestalker Girdle
Payy- Leggings of Channeled Elements
Posted on 10 Jan 2008 by Ryakin
Anatheron followed in the footsteps of Rage
Rage Winterchill's colleague decided to avenge Rage's defeat by Rebourne. Unfortunately for him, he was outmatched.

Loots and Winners:
Broog- Golden Links of Restoration
Posted on 10 Jan 2008 by Ryakin
We cooled Rage Winterchill
With Kael'thas down and the way to MH opened, we decided to take the raid to MH for the last hour of our raid. Voila, a new boss down!

Loots and Winners:
Rendock - Stillwater Boots
Higra- Furious Shackles
Posted on 06 Jan 2008 by Ryakin
Kael'thas is soooo last year!!
What a way to start the new year for us. We beat Kael'thas and thus have T5 contents all cleared!! Go Rebourne!!

Loots and Winners:
Cyke - Band of the Ranger-General
Ryakin - Chestguard of the Vanquished Defender
Higra - Verdant Sphere
Strikermon- Sunhawk Leggings
Posted on 06 Jan 2008 by Ryakin
Doomed Kazzak's Christmas Present
Took a night off to have some fun with the other doomed lord of outland, Kazzak, and got some rewards for the effort.

Loots and Winners:
Badmikey- Leggings of the Seventh Circle
Posted on 20 Dec 2007 by Ryakin
Alar is no more!!
With SSC cleared, it was time to go after the Prince himself. First up in TK, A'lar.

Loots and Winners:
Ryakin- Phoenix-Wing Cloak
Posted on 24 Nov 2007 by Ryakin
Lady Vashj defeated! - SSC cleared!!
With Hydross recent beaten, it was time for the Lady herself to die and so she has wink

Loots and Winners:
Alexisdes- Coral Band of the Revived
Molochai- Helm of the Vanquished Hero
Extripate- Prism of Inner Calm
Posted on 17 Nov 2007 by Ryakin
Hydross the puddle
We somehow never saw this boss in SSC until today (he blends into the background, we swear!) so decided to stabalize him into a puddle for good measure.

Thallo- Pauldrons of the Wardancer
Lippe- Living Root of the Wildheart
Posted on 03 Nov 2007 by Ryakin
Solarian Fried
We decided to take a break from SSC and go visit Solarian in TK for a change. We asked her nicely for loot but she got all hot about it so we beat her down and took it anyways.

Thallo hogged all the drops, what a loot whore!!

Loots and Winners:
Thallo- Solarian's Sapphire
Thallo- Boots of Resilient
Posted on 28 Oct 2007 by Ryakin

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